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Welcome!Please note that the available appointments are shown online. My receptionist may only be able to double book in certain cases or in emergency. It is also advisable to check availability one or two days ahead as some patients may cancel at short note.
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Brisbane Waters Consulting dr Oliver Florica
Bariatric Surgery
SAN Clinic Dr Keeley
SAN Tulloch Building, Level 2, Suite 203, Sydney Adventist Hospital
SAN Clinic Dr Florica
SAN Tulloch Building, Level 2, Suite 203, Sydney Adventist Hospital
Lithgow Specialist Center

Appointments can be scheduled on line at All our available appointments are shown online.

Dr Florica's schedule varies every week according to the surgery load and the emegency surgery cover commitments and new appointment days may become available or could be removed at very short notice.

While most of our appointments are bulkbilled some appointments will attract out of pocket costs and payment for consultation is required at the time of your appointment.

Skype appointments with Dr Florica will continue to be bulkbilled through Medicare however, Skype/facetime appointments with Dr Rebecca Keeley are not covered by Medicare and we will charge the equivalent of Medicare rebate fees - short appointment (15min) item 23 - $37 and long appointment - Item 44 (40min) - $107. If you prefer to come in for your consultation these appointment are rebatable and you will not be charged out of pocket for appointments with Dr Keeley as well.

We continue to offer competitive surgery rates for weight loss: for eg

- no gap for our existing patients who need conversion to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, if insured

- no gap for most of our existing patients for other surgery such as gallbladder, hernia, bowel

- competitive rates for bariatric surgery: for example gastric sleeve or gastric by-pass can be as low as $13,900 out of pocket for self funded patients (including anaesthetist, hospital and indefinite follow up in our rooms)

- competitive discounted rates for reshaping surgery after weight loss such as highly cosmetic lower body lift, arm and thigh reduction (including male breast reshaping surgery)

- our endoscopy and colonoscopy service is offered to all patients at no gap rates if insured

- highly specialised keyhole surgery for your diverticular disease or bowel cancer most of the time avoiding a colostomy.

- access to robotic surgery

Dr Oliver Florica

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